Celebrity art for sale

The art market has become a playground for celebrities. The lifestyle of wealthy collectors sets the tone in today's art establishment. The traditional connoisseur is pushed to the fringes by a generation of collectors who are interested in immediate appreciation and the buzz of an artist's name.

Pop art Beyonce with leaves
Beyonce leave parade, 80cm x 60cm

PR campaigns of the art trade are becoming more and more sophisticated. The interest of celebrities is sparked at places where large sums of money are transacted and where glamorous events are held. There are several ways for VIPs to find their way into the art world. The classiest is that of art collecting.

The fusion of art and pop culture

Beyoncé conquers the Internet. With Adidas, she launched her "Ivy Park" collection. The singer announced the new project on Instagram back in December 2019. Three stripes on her fingernails and later an "Ivy Park x Adidas" sneaker made it clear that it was a new collaboration.

Currently, no one has mastered the art of thoughtful hype like the titanic couple of hip-hop/pop: Beyoncé and her husband, Jay-Z. At this time, no one is inscribing themselves into the Western art iconography as consistently and media-wise as Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Power woman Beyonce

Ivy Park's new arrival has a strong motive: Beyoncé ended her association with the UK fashion chain Topshop in November 2018, when owner Sir Philip Green was accused of abuse. Beyoncé is now the sole owner of "Ivy Park" - making her the first black woman to fully own an athleisure brand.

Beyoncé's outfits are a statement

Beyoncé is known for her staggering performances and stunning outfits. She is synonymous with live shows and entertainment with an unparalleled presence. Her soulful music and powerful lyrics are conveyed in powerful messages.

Selected celebrity art

Selected Celebrity artworks are available for a limited time. The Beyonce print shown here is a unique piece.

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