What are NFTs [in 2021]

NFTs are a specific asset and are therefore unique. The abbreviation stands for non-fungible token. An NFT is the declaration of ownership of a digital object on a blockchain. What makes the object irreplaceable is the non-fungible element. The tokens themselves are not the artwork, they only contain the entry.

Abstract digital art of a couple engaged in a kiss
The Kiss - NFT Crypto Art by Likewolf

Who bought the 69 million NFT?

The third most valuable art by a living artist was acquired by Vignesh Sundaresan, aka "Metakovan", in February 2021. The sale of a monumental digital collage by Mike Winkelmann, aka "Beeple", sold for $69 million through the auction house Christie's.

The Singapore-based blockchain entrepreneur understood that buying the first mega NFT would make him famous as a collector. Time will tell whether the work will prevail in the art world.

There are good and hardworking graphic designers for whom this emerging market is a potential new source of income. However, most brightly coloured images are not created by artists, but by enthusiastic amateurs of common image editing programs.

NFT portals are flooded with illustrations that lack any deeper meaning or substance and won't see a price increase in a hundred years.

The future of the internet

Abstract digital collage
Untitled, Likewolf

Although the NFT trend seems to be withstanding its developmental phase, it is proving difficult for artists, serious art collectors, and good taste per se. Speculators have compromised the community undermining the most important improvement to the arts since the patronage of the Medici in the 1500s.

As long as NFTs are a toy for the super-rich at the expense of those who have been led to believe in the dream of fast money, it is a Iong way before the system of smart contracts in connection with the art trade will be fully adopted.

However, the development and success of NFTs is inevitable.

Crypto Collectibles and NFT Art

Abstract digital painting
Persoenliche Ausdrucksweise - NFT Crypto Art by Likewolf

At present, the most prominent and widespread use cases of NFTs are crypto-art and digital collectibles. They are the next big thing in the emerging decentralised art world.

NFTs are ideal for items of which there is only one or a few. These currently include digital trading cards, virtual lands in virtual worlds, and crypto art. NFTs are stored in the blockchain in the same way as all cryptocurrency tokens.

Abstract Painting of a white dog with blue background
Whte Dog Blues, Acrylic Painting on Canvas 50cm x 50cm

NFTs make it possible to irrevocably prove authenticity and ownership for the first time in the history of the art trade. This new development will drive the emerging economy of digital collectibles, virtual goods, and manually created fine art.


The beginning of something's existence; something's origin. A record of ownership of a work of art or an antique, used as a guide to authenticity or quality.

"They try to understand the whole universe, its provenance and fate"

Source: Wikipedia

In contrast to the traditional art market where the copyright owner does not benefit from the profits of the secondary sale, this new type of practice of trading has the feature of compensating the artist a percentage each time the NFT is resold and changes ownership.

Are NFTs a good investment?

Astronaut psychedelic space art
Psychedelic art from deep space

As with all crypto investments, the risk factor is dependent on strategy and a long term plan. For anyone familiar with the new currency, NFTs are only a logical consequence and a natural progression. Whether an investment in digital art develops successfully depends on marketing, just as in the traditional art market.

Every new generation is in search of self-discovery and identity. Finding this through art has been incredibly difficult in recent years. The art market was dominated by individual players who did not allow access to a larger public through exclusive and very expensive art fairs. NFTs are therefore a revolution and will put the long-established art market in its place. The original idea of collecting art is thus given a fresh boost.

Layers of Rarity

Abstract digital painting
Abstract Painting No. 65 - NFT Crypto Art by Likewolf

A contemporary artwork produced on canvas using acrylic paints is digitized and sold as NFT.

Whether NFTs have the ability to gain value depends on whether another buyer is willing to buy the work or invest in the same artist or art style by buying different pieces. A speculative approach to art has never been worthwhile. Due to the rapid technological development, it is also questionable whether one should sell one's acquired art at all.

The development of digital museums, for instance, will make it possible to earn money from a work of art in completely new ways, such as by lending it out. If a purchased work of art brings visitors to a website due to great public interest, the revenue from advertising alone can be significant. When thinking about buying NFTs today, one should look ahead to the future.

The internet of assets

Abstract modern art painting in red, blue, yellow and white
Untitled 37 50cm x 50cm - Likewolf

Art is most interesting and valuable when it becomes part of a collection. Art collections of the future have tremendous media and economic potential. A collection of art is, above all, an opportunity to express an opinion and to comment on one's time on this planet.

Artists have never been limited except by their own boundaries, and the NFT development demonstrates this explicitly.

The ERC721 token standard

Abstract modern art digital painting
Buying back my image - Likewolf

In the art world, there has long been a latent racism characterised by an existing hegemony. That has fundamentally changed with the introduction of NFTs. For the development of art, artists and collectors, this is a blessing.

The collectors of the future have the ability to determine that all cultures are represented. The preselection of a handful of privileged individuals who have prioritised one particular culture will no longer be the practice in the years to come.

8 bit pixel graphic of a model
CyberChiq® No. 10 - Likewolf

Crypto art has created a community of novice buyers for whom online transactions are a natural part of their lives. NFTs are the first attempt to trace the provenance of an object without involving costly consultants and experts.

As a result, the democratisation and accessibility of art will attract an unprecedented new clientele.

NFTs can be used for the following objectives:

    • Art
    • Music
    • Videos
    • Trading Cards (sports or non-sports)
    • Gaming items
    • Tokenized luxury goods, e.g. wine, whisky, watches etc.
    • Virtual Assets and Addresses
    • Real world assets
    • Digital Publications
    • Virtual land
    • Rare digital items and crypto collectibles
    • ... in short everything that happens in the digital world.

The future of the internet

Black Woman smoking a cigarette
No borders apply - NFT Crypto Art by Likewolf

Since non-fungible tokens have been making the headlines, a number of "YouTuber" and many a so-called influencer has given their opinion on the subject. Here it is noticeable that these pieces of advice are meant well but actually do not make much sense. To understand and sell art in whatever form it is not enough to quote the Mona Lisa.

The network effect is important, and it is even more important to create trust. This applies to all digital currencies and has always been the benchmark in the art market. To survive in the digital art world you have to have a long term plan and put quality first.

Proof of concept

Photomontage of a World War 2 Fighter Pilot
Fighter Pilot - NFT Crypto Art by Likewolf

Organisations are giving consumers ownership and control of their DNA data through NFTs, while others are establishing peer-to-peer marketplaces for NFT mortgages and leases. NFTs are also being developed for journalistic content to counter fake news.

Top sports clubs like the NBA have launched tokenized player cards and videos with a wide variety of rarity levels. Emerging platforms provide developers with the tools to experiment with non-fungible tokens, opening the path for more potential uses.

Ownership of a digital object on a blockchain

Photomontage of a male Torso
Torso - NFT Crypto Art by Likewolf

Non-fungible tokens embody a singular property and cannot be reproduced. The certificate of uniqueness is recorded in the metadata of the token and provides a permanent, unchangeable certificate of authenticity. NFTs are particularly suitable as proof of an asset or property.

The blockchain is ideal for more than just cryptocurrency operations. Essentially, anything can be stored on it and the transparency of blockchain technology makes it possible to verify and prove authenticity.

The best-known blockchain project is undoubtedly Bitcoin. That said, the Bitcoin blockchain is limited to its use as a cryptocurrency platform. Thats not the case with all blockchains.

In contrast to digital media files that can be duplicated, NFTs allow authors of content to produce unique works that are becoming rare collector's items. Reflecting the rapidly increasing demand, sky-high prices are being paid for several of these creations.

Digital Painting of a model
Without death there is no art, Likewolf

NFT stands for "non-fungible token"

In the context of the blockchain, the term token is most closely associated with its use as an asset. However, a token can also represent an item of property or an economic good, or it can be a digital representation of a real good.

In terms of a cryptocurrency, all tokens are fungible, i.e. exchangeable. That means each token represents an equal asset. It doesn't matter what specific token you have. It is worth the same as any other holder's token.

Our current system of money works in the same way. It doesn't matter which concrete ten-euro bill you use. You can also use two five-euro bills or five two-euro coins or any combination. The means, in this case payment means, are interchangeable.

Cyber Chiq® Scarcity creates value

Digital value + Digital world

This creates a collector aspect, i.e. the desire to own particularly rare or popular cards. A market has developed in which individual cards are sold for thousands of euros.

With NFT, this model can be applied to the blockchain. A card manufacturer would create 20 copies of a specific trading card as a digital asset and store them in the blockchain. Now, 20 potential buyers could purchase this asset and later prove their ownership.

Semi Nude NFT Crypto art Girl sitting in a painting
NFT Crypto Art by Likewolf

Art transcends cultural boundaries. Art is everywhere. Great visuals tell a story about the past and can help shape the future. In the hands of artists and masters of the craft, art is profound and inspires us to look at the world in a new way. Art bought and sold across the globe thanks to blockchain technology and smart contracts has the power to change the way people perceive themselves and the world.

Ownership of unique items

Abstract painting of a ancient medusa
Medusa 30cm x 40cm Canvas by Likewolf

NFTs will develop their true strength when they are attached to real existing physical objects such as traditional paintings on canvas.

In recent years many collectors have shied away from new acquisitions due to the fact that collecting art involves the issue of storing, maintaining and insuring. Now there is at last the prospect of sharing a recent acquisition and one's own personal collection with the general public, while keeping originals safe and secure.

Blockchain my Art

Trading artwork on the blockchain in the form of NFTs means that an artist's content can be distributed and sold globally in real-time across decentralised marketplaces.

NFT art is not a short-lived trend, it represents a fundamental shift from the real to the digital. The art market has changed not only because of the pandemic and the resulting online trade.

Non-fungible tokens will fundamentally change the relationship between buyers, gallery owners, online portals and artists. NFTs have now entered the mainstream and are creating a thriving market in real time as the industry ultimately matures.

Learn more about the Likewolf NFT development


8 bit artwork of a female model from the series cyber chiq by multimedia artist likewolf
Cyber Chiq® No. 3, Likewolf

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