What are NFT's [in 2021]

NFT's are a specific asset and are therefore unique. The abbreviation stands for non-fungible token. An NFT is the declaration of ownership of a digital object on a blockchain. What makes the object irreplaceable is the non-fungible element. The tokens themselves are not the artwork, they only contain the entry.

Abstract digital art of a couple engaged in a kiss
The Kiss - NFT Crypto Art by Likewolf

Crypto Collectibles and NFT Art

At present, the most prominent and widespread use cases of NFT are crypto-art and digital collectibles. NFTs are the next big thing in the decentralised finance world.

NFTs are ideal for items of which there is only one or a few. These currently include digital trading cards, virtual lands in virtual worlds, and crypto art. NFTs are stored in the blockchain in the same way as all cryptocurrency tokens.

NFTs make it possible to irrevocably prove authenticity and ownership for the first time in the history of the art trade. This new development will drive the emerging economy of digital collectibles and virtual goods.

In contrast to the traditional art market where the copyright owner does not benefit from the profits of the secondary sale, this new type of practice of trading has the feature of compensating the artist a percentage each time the NFT is resold and changes ownership.

NFT's can be used for the following objectives:

    • Art
    • Music
    • Videos
    • Trading Cards (sports or non-sports)
    • Gaming items
    • Tokenized luxury goods, e.g. wine, whisky, watches etc.
    • Virtual Assets and Addresses
    • Real world assets
    • Digital Publications

Organisations are giving consumers ownership and control of their DNA data through NFTs, while others are establishing peer-to-peer marketplaces for NFT mortgages and leases. NFTs are also being developed for journalistic content to counter fake news.

Top sports clubs like the NBA have launched tokenized player cards and videos with a wide variety of rarity levels. Emerging platforms provide developers with the tools to experiment with non-fungible tokens, opening the path for more potential uses.

Ownership of a digital object on a blockchain

Non-fungible tokens embody a singular property and cannot be reproduced. The certificate of uniqueness is recorded in the metadata of the token and provides a permanent, unchangeable certificate of authenticity. NF tokens are particularly suitable as proof of an asset or property.

The blockchain is ideal for more than just cryptocurrency operations. Essentially, anything can be stored on it and the transparency of blockchain technology makes it possible to verify and prove authenticity.

The best-known blockchain project is undoubtedly Bitcoin. That said, the Bitcoin blockchain is limited to its use as a cryptocurrency platform. Thats not the case with all blockchains.

In contrast to digital media files that can be duplicated, NFTs allow authors of content to produce unique works that are becoming rare collector's items. Reflecting the rapidly increasing demand, sky-high prices are being paid for several of these creations.

Two bodies wearing carnival masks of a garden gnome and an oil sheikh
NFT Crypto Art Trading Card by YouneedIbs

NFT stands for "non-fungible token"

In the context of the blockchain, the term token is most closely associated with its use as an asset. However, a token can also represent an item of property or an economic good, or it can be a digital representation of a real good.

In terms of a cryptocurrency, all tokens are fungible, i.e. exchangeable. That means each token represents an equal asset. It doesn't matter what specific token you have. It is worth the same as any other holder's token.

Our current system of money works in the same way. It doesn't matter which concrete ten-euro bill you use. You can also use two five-euro bills or five two-euro coins or any combination. The means, in this case payment means, are interchangeable.

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Success lies in having the winning cards

This creates a collector aspect, i.e. the desire to own particularly rare or popular cards. A market has developed in which individual cards are sold for thousands of euros.

With NFT, this model can be applied to the blockchain. A card manufacturer would create 20 copies of a specific trading card as a digital asset and store them in the blockchain. Now, 20 potential buyers could purchase this asset and later prove their ownership.

Semi Nude NFT Crypto art Girl sitting in a painting
NFT Crypto Art by Likewolf

Blockchain my Art

Trading artwork on the blockchain in the form of NFTs means that an artist's content can be distributed and sold globally in real-time across decentralised marketplaces.

NFT art is not a short-lived trend, it represents a fundamental shift from the real to the digital. The art market has changed not only because of the pandemic and the resulting online trade.

Non-fungible tokens will fundamentally change the relationship between buyers, gallery owners, online portals and artists. NFT's have now entered the mainstream and are creating a thriving market in real time as the industry ultimately matures.

Top 5 Crypto Art Marketplaces

  • 01. MintableThe owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban has invested in Mintable
  • 02. OpenSeaBuy, sell, and discover rare digital items
  • 03. FoundationThe New Creative Economy
  • 04. RaribleCreate and sell digital collectibles secured with blockchain
  • 05. EthBlock.artCreate your own deterministic art painting Ethereum blocks

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