The high price of art explained

The value of a work of art depends on the simple formula of supply and demand. It does not matter if the artist is alive or dead. Any work of art from any art movement and any art period can reach a significant value and a high demand among art collectors if rigorous marketing is applied.

Abstract Mug Shot contemporay art by Jans Bock-Schroeder
Mug Shot | 120cm x 89cm | Jans Bock-Schroeder 2020

An artwork becomes more valuable as more people assign significance to it

The Mona Lisa, well protected and exhibited in Paris, is valued by its insurance company at one billion euros. The marketing operators of the Louvre have presented a smile to the public as a concept. Da Vinci's genius technique lets her gaze straight into the eyes of the viewer. He painted the background and the depicted protagonist from two different angles. Writers, artists, and researchers have wondered about Mona Lisa's smile ever since.

Men with the Mona Lisa abstract contemporary art painting
The Return of the Mona Lisa | 100cm x 70cm | Jans Bock-Schroeder 2020

The art market has its own rules.

When a work of art leaves the studio, it is a commodity. To turn it into a desirable and tradable object, it must now be transformed into a product. It is necessary for the work to be both renowned and in high demand.

Art collectors love a good story

The global art market is not regulated. Art is not subject to prevailing market mechanisms. Dealers operate according to their own rules.

Commerce and art go hand in hand

Abstract Modern Art Nude in red colours
Untitled nude | 100cm x 102cm | Jans Bock-Schroeder 2020

It is safe to say that without the power of the Internet and own initiative, without imagination and vision, artists like Banksy would certainly not be the best-paid artists today. Regardless of whether one likes his work or not, the form of marketing was successful because the technology was in place.

In the 1970s, economist David Hirsch coined the term "positional good". It describes goods and services that, because of their peculiarity, are not suitable for mass production and whose value is measured by the space they hold on the personal inventory of desirable things.

5 most expensive artworks by living artists

# Artwork Artist M $
1 Rabbit Jeff Koons 91 (2019)
2 Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) David Hockney 90.3 (2018)
3 Balloon Dog (Orange) Jeff Koons 58.4 (2013)
4 Abstraktes Bild (599) (1986) Gerhard Richter 44.5 (2015)
5 Domplatz, Mailand Gerhard Richter 37.1 (2013)

Source: List of most expensive artworks by living artists.

Until recently, Americans and Europeans dominated the collector market. In recent years, art enthusiasts from Asia, the Middle East, and Russia have joined the party, expanding the luxury arena.

There is a growing number of real estate tycoons, internet billionaires, hedge fund managers, oil sheiks, casino moguls, and big speculators who are passionate about art. Precious paintings are status symbols and image boosters. The circle of buyers for expensive art is growing.

Empowered collectors

woman and man at a intimate party
London Days | 100cm x 87cm | Jans Bock-Schroeder 2002

Collectors can influence the art market's price formation. Investing in works of up-and-coming artists increases their asking price. Public exhibitions and a significant internet presence are also tied to this development. An artist must be hyped to establish value in the art market.

Art Price Tag

Bouguet of roses abstract multi media art at art exhibition
Bouguet of roses | 120cm x 180cm | Jans Bock-Schroeder 2020

Art industry's opaque relationship with price transparency has changed. Prices are now available to VIP collectors, as well as the general public. That creates greater consumer trust. Art collectors are delighted about the shift to online trading.

Art collector's insight - what's trending

Contemporary art Beyonce Knowles Painting
Jans Bock-Schroeder

80cm x 88cm
Analog Silkscreen Print
Edition 1/2
Contemporary Art

This work is part of a limited edition set.


Art Dealer Larry Gagosian

Contemporary art painting of art dealer Larry Gagosian

Larry Gagosian has been instrumental in the growth and promotion of contemporary art.

Art collection online

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Is art a good investment ?

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red brushstrokes on dark canvas
How to buy art online

The 21st century will go down in history as the era of the online collector. What was unthinkable a few years ago is now a reality.

white water droplets on black background
The undiscovered Andy Warhol Shot

Bock-Schroeder's previously unavailable Andy Warhol revamped silkscreen series will enter the primary art market in January 2021.

Show me Art

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Blockchain in the art-world

Blockchain technology enables the trading of digitalized assets. It can include non-bankable assets such as real estate or paintings.

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How has AI changed art?

Art is an area that was traditionally considered exclusive to humans. But AI has found its way into the creative world a long time ago.

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How to start your own art collection

Being an art collector requires time, strategy, and consideration. Serious collectors buy art with a long-term goal.

American flag artwork

How the American flag has been adapted by artists in contemporary art.

The Granite Dish in the Berlin Lustgarten, Oilpainting on canvas

Museum Island is a UNESCO world heritage site in the heart of Berlin and one of the city’s main tourist attractions.

Venus de Milo in the Louvre Museum

The Venus de Milo has become an unrivaled international icon although she has no arms, or maybe precisely for that reason.

Two mouths kiss

Pop art doesn't originate from the spirit of elitist art culture but from popular mass media or subcultures.