Without death there would be no art

Art is the vanguard antenna of cultural consciousness

Every work of art is a rescue operation from the eternal decay, which is linked and connected with ever new emergence, and can appear to the individual as a misadventure.

Abstract Digital Painting of a woman holding her head
The Digital Scream, 80cm x 60cm

There are two poles in which art oscillates, within which it operates and breathes. These two basic possibilities are to say yes or no to the relativity of the individual.

What is art ?

Art is the awareness of an immortal transformation, manifested in the symbol of form. The knowledge of being conditional and the desire not to be. The magic of some works of art is based on their memory of a certain primitiveness. Detached from any actuality and modernity, art is not to be perceived solely from the super-intellectual point of view.

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red brushstrokes on dark canvas
How to buy art online

The 21st century will go down in history as the era of the online collector. What was unthinkable a few years ago is now a reality.

blue brushstrokes on black canvas
Why is art expensive

It does not matter if the artist is alive or dead. The rarity of a work of art is what gives it value

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How to start your own art collection

Being an art collector requires time, strategy, and consideration. Serious collectors buy art with a long-term goal.

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How has AI changed art?

Art is an area that was traditionally considered exclusive to humans. But AI has found its way into the creative world a long time ago.

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Blockchain in the art-world

Blockchain technology enables the trading of digitalized assets. It can include non-bankable assets such as real estate or paintings.

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Is art a good investment ?

A new use for art has evolved in recent years, and it is the most straightforward of all. Art as a serious investment.